About Us

The idea for this company was born from the idea that every encounter in our lives is agift of a lesson for growth.

Using various modalities we wanted to offer those seeking a solution a choice of a path they can take to their best selves.

Imagine focusing on every encounter bringing us closer to enlightment can change our outlook on life.

The Team

Rev.Richard Pacheco

Reiki Master Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach

B.Msc. Metaphysical Science, Sound Bath Certified, Teen Meditation Certified. CEO

Alicia Pacheco

Reiki Practitioner II, Office Manager

Social Media, Webmaster

Iyishia Pacheco

Reiki Practitioner II,

Owner of Niruby Naturals

Born from a vision by Iyishia Pacheco to introduce people of color to holistic paths of self care and the importance in our lives.

Alternative paths to healing through Reiki Treatments for Adults, children and more. Enjoy a sound bath or reach your goals with the help of a life coach. Even better ask about apackages.

Our Spiritual community

An inclusive New Thought space we can share ideas in practical Christianity and create more inspired servant leaders